Our Mission

Great just isn't good enough

We see offering a great service as standard, not as an achievement. Starting from your first call, we set ourselves goals that ensure each and every aspect of our service provides a seamless, enjoyable and outcome driven experience. Our sole purpose is to produce positive results for every child involved.

Strive for better

We strive to achieve better for every child we see, parent, School and organisation we work with and service we provide. We are constantly adapting our skills for use in new and exciting areas that may have previously had little or no input from Occupational Therapy. We strive towards a better world, with better access to Occupational Therapy assessments, treatments and training to all individuals who require our help.

Outstanding result driven service

Our mission is to provide positive changes to every child, parent, teacher, school and organisation who works with us. All of our services are outcome based and results driven. We strive to ensure every child develops from their first assessment right through to their last treatment session.

Fulfil every child's potential

Every single child who is referred to our service is referred to us to improve. Therefore we make it our mission to ensure that they reach their potential. Each and every member of our team will work hard towards reaching each child's maximum potential.

Tailored to your needs

OT for Kids provide a service to meet the needs of every child who is referred to us and parent, school or organisation who contacts us. We listen, adapt and go out of our way to ensure that we can provide a service that is specific to your needs. This involves offering evening and weekend appointments and speaking to a therapist prior to using any of our services as standard. We are confident and competent in providing services that meets the needs of large schools right down to those of an individual child or parent.

Raising awareness and understanding of Occupational Therapy

We believe that all children will benefit from accessing Occupational Therapy. We provide services that give positive and lasting changes to every child. We believe not only, in the promotion and education of how Occupational Therapy can help every child, but also how our core values and activities can aid parents, teachers and organisations in providing the best for the children they represent.

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Why choose us?

  • Caring and Professional Service
  • Variety of services available
  • First class Occupational Therapists
  • Modern clinics
  • Saturday and Sunday appointments available
  • Able to see you at home, in school or in one of our clinics
  • Registered with the Health Professions Council and the British Association of Occupational Therapy

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