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Home Assessment Report

A home assessment report would offer an overview of the home assessment completed by the Occupational therapist. You may wish to use a home assessment report as a second opinion, or to provide more information for teachers, or just for your own reference. The purpose of this report is decided by you, it will be written by each therapist following an assessment, and is therefore a personalised reflection based on how the condition is affecting your child. The home assessment report would contain information regarding the following:

Mobility around the home

The home assessment report would risk assess the safety of the home for your child, outlining any trip hazards or likely areas in which your child could get hurt, analyse the environment and layout of the home in relation to any recommended equipment and provide a general description of its ease of access (in terms of using the toilet, getting in and out of bed) and child friendliness. The occupational therapist would then provide their recommendations regarding all of these aspects.

Impact upon daily occupations

The occupational therapist would then relate how all of the above is impacting their ability to complete occupations. What seems a relatively simple task can prove to be extremely difficult for a child and therefore will require a more child friendly environment to complete this task successfully; Daily occupations for children are tasks such as getting dressed, chopping food, using cutlery and brushing their teeth.

Sensory stimuli around the home

Too much sensory information can overload a child's mind, the occupational therapist would assess the main rooms used for study or completing challenging tasks and offer alternative suggestions to try to reduce the sensory feedback the child is receiving. However it is important a child stimulates all of their senses to enhance learning, so therefore, only when it is required of the child to focus for long periods will the therapist look at reducing the demands of the task.

Further Recommendations

The home assessment report would also contain information regarding the further recommendations the therapist advises following a home assessment. This would include the type of therapy (group or 1:1) duration, location and the aspects therapy aims to improve over the advised treatment course.

Each of our highly experienced therapists can to tailor the report to your needs, offering you the special personalised treatment to make your life easier.

If you are interested in obtaining a home assesment report, or would like to know more about it, please email or call us on 0330 223 0888

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OT for Kids have been a great help in aiding my son Jake with coping with his dyspraxia both at home and in school. They came out to our house and completed the assessment at home.

The assessment and report proved beneficial in our discussions with Jake's school and we are very pleased with the outcome the report has helped us achieve.
Jackie, parent.
At our school, there are many children who have difficulty forming letters correctly, concentrate or perform well in P.E, which can impact greatly on their learning. With the support and OT Groups available from OT for Kids, these children have made great progress and are now at a level which is not so concerning. As a teacher and SENCO, I thoroughly enjoyed working (and learning) from the Occupational Therapist.
Emily, SENCO and Teacher.
As a case manager, I regularly deal with many private companies. I found OT for Kids to be highly professional, reliable and provide me with flexible appointments that suited both me and my clients. The OT completed a comprehensive assessment and report, which was not only clear, concise and an accurate reflection of the difficulties, but it was returned to me quickly.
John, Case Manager.
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