OT for Kids understand what is required to produce a timely and cost effective service to solicitors. Our experience allows us to ensure both solicitors and their clients are happy with the service.

Why choose us?

OT for Kids regularly work with many solicitors in providing expert advice, written quotations and clear and open costs and communications throughout our time together. We are flexible in adjusting our service to meet your needs and in providing high quality care.
  • Quick and clearly outlined turn-around time
  • Clearly structured and objective focused reports
  • All enquires are responded to within 24 hours
  • Written quotations available upon request
  • Client friendly expert terminology
  • Previous, present and future functional ability
  • Present and future therapy needs
  • Accurate, concise and justified costings for equipment and therapy
  • Expert comparison between current function and predicted function pre-injury
  • Maximise Rehabilitation potential
  • Clearly set goals and treatment length (including costs and location)
  • Clear understanding of litigation process

What we offer?

OT for Kids offer the following services to Solicitors:
  • Medico-Legal Reports
  • Individual Assessment
  • Individual and ongoing Treatment sessions

Medico-Legal Reports

OT for Kids pride themselves on the high quality service we provide. Our specialist paediatric Occupational Therapists are well established in working as an expert witness. All of the Medico-Legal reports produced by OT for Kids are up to date with the latest reforms, policies and procedures, including the Civil Procedure Rules part 35 and Practice Direction 35.

All of our Medico-Legal expert witness Occupational Therapists are members of the British Association of Occupational Therapy and are Health and Care Professionals Council. OT for Kids will personally ensure that each case is dealt with by the most relevant and experienced Occupational Therapist. All of our Occupational Therapists undergo regular appraisals and attended mandatory In-service training to ensure our expert witnesses are up to date the current treatment techniques,

OT for Kids are a private Occupational Therapy service, and because of this, we have short waiting lists and are able to offer every client the best possible treatment. OT for Kids have clinics nationwide and are available for appointments between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday and are open 8am to 4pm Saturday and Sunday.

Assessment and Treatment ?

At OT for Kids, all of our Occupational Therapists will be able to provide and outline the most suitable method of assessment and follow up treatment. Whether that be at home, in clinic or in school.


OT for kids offer a wide range of assessments to aid in understanding how the condition or trauma is impacting upon function.
The assessments we provide are: This is not an exclusive list, if you require an assessment that is not listed above, please contact our office on 0330 223 0888 and we will gladly be able to help.

One on One treatment

We are able to offer one and one treatment. This can take place either at the child’s home, in one of our clinics or can include a therapist coming into school. The Occupational Therapist expert witness will clearly outline the level of therapy needed, for what reasons and the cost of this support once an assessment has been completed.

To get in touch with a member of our team, or to find out further information regarding any of the services we offer, please email n or call us on 0330 233 0888 To get in touch with a member of our team, or to find out further information regarding any of the services we offer, please email or call us on 0330 233 0888

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