child writing on a sloped writing board

Sloped Writing Boards

OT for Kids provide a range of equipment to aid with many aspects of child development. One of which being sloped writing boards to aid in improving handwriting for children. These sloped writing boards are hand-made and tailored for the needs of your child.

What is a Sloped Writing Board?

A sloped writing board is used to elevate the position of the paper when writing. Through elevating the paper off the table, children are encouraged to write whilst seated in the optimum position for writing. This includes having their feet on the floor, head up and back straight.

Sloped Writing Boards Sloped Writing Boards

It is very common for children with handwriting difficulties to lean forward with their heads close to the table when writing. Through using a writing board, children are less likely to do this due to the elevated position of the paper.

What are the benefits of using a Sloped Writing Board?

There are many benefits of using a sloped writing board for children with handwriting difficulties. For example, children have to use both hands when writing, one to hold the pen and one to hold the paper to prevent it from falling down. This encourages and supports bilateral-integration (the use of both hands), which is an important aspect of handwriting development. The benefits are listed below:
  • Elevated position of the paper when writing improves posture
  • Encourages the use of both hands during writing
  • Provides the child with the optimum seated position for writing
  • Discourages children from leaning too close to the desk
  • Improves handwriting

How much is a Sloped Writing Board from OT for Kids?

OT for Kids provide hand-made sloped writing boards at a cost of 45 per board. We offer discounts for large orders, particularly to schools or learning support.

If you would like to place an order for a sloped writing board, please email us at or call 0330 223 0888

Child writing, using a sloped writing board to help
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